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Equipment: ZP25 Tablet Press Machine
Equipment Type: Pharmaceutical Equipment
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Description: This machine is designed for pressing tablets from various kinds of materials, Besides round tablets the machine can press the tables in different geometrical shape and impressed letters on both sides of the tables. The mechanism of the machine belongs to double-press type, including two sets of feed assemblage and press-roller unit. The turret carries 25sets of movable-punches and dies. So 50 tables are produced by each revolution of the turret totation. When round tablets are pressed, there are four sets of punches and dies to choose; 1-tablet mode of punch and die through 4-tablet mode of punch and die, The choice is dependent on the diameters of the tablets. So this machine is more suitable for mass production. When operated, the speed of the filling material and the thickness of tablets are adjustable. A independent suction unit is attached to the machine. The residual powder during operation can be taken in by this suction unit through its nozzles and hoses. Thus the blockage by clustered by clustered powder is eliminated and the collected powder material can be reused.
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